Independent Review & Consulting

Get an outside perspective with insider expertise
SupportMed provides health care practice consulting to evaluate billing, reimbursement, and compliance operations at all levels. Our consultants can deliver solutions that help you maximize your revenue cycle and help you optimize efficiencies to reduce costs while increasing the value & effectiveness of your billing function.Our consulting services offer analysis and strategic improvement plans in the following key areas:

Specialized practice support

  • Clinic operations
  • Billing & collection processes
  • Group payroll and compensation models
  • IT infrastructure
  • Expert witness and professional testimony

Financial management

  • Profit & Loss analysis
  • Marketplace analysis of fees
  • Evaluation of revenue opportunities

Performance improvement

  • Executive “Report Card”
  • Individual and group credentialing analysis
  • Practice benchmarking
  • Provider measurement & comparison to industry

Reimbursement & Coding Optimization

  • Contracted payor review
  • Coding & documentation audit
  • Cradle-to-grave billing audit
  • Allowable, co-pay, & deductible handling
  • Capitated pricing impact & fee schedule analysis