Compliance Education & Training

Our approach to compliance management and helping our anesthesia practices meet proper coding and changing regulatory demands is unique we believe in a balanced approach that emphasizes practical application coupled with state-of-the art coding surveillance and exception reporting. For example, our individualized Coding Communications help anesthesiologists stay on top of coding compliance and provide direct and personalized coding education and advice to the provider.At SupportMed, our systems and processing sequences take into account CCI, RAC, and other anesthesia-specific compliance edits to continuingly and optimally provide a layer of extra protection for our clients, including:
  • MD/CRNA Care Team modifiers
  • Med Direction/supervisions concurrency checks
  • Broken med direction
  • Blocks, lines, and modifier coding
  • Anes start/end case overlaps; Discontinuous Time
  • HIPPA (including Security & Privacy requirements)
  • Stark I & II
  • Hi-Tech requirements
  • Electronic data control & confidentiality
  • Duplicate charge screening
  • Gender-code conflicts
  • Mutually-exclusive code sets
  • Practice compliance & audit programs
  • Compliance audits and check-ups
  • Written Corporate Compliance Plans
  • Corporate Policy & Procedure Handbooks
  • Payor & RAC audit defense
  • Coding profiles & comparison reporting
  • Physical status & qualifying circumstances
  • Locum tenens & reciprocal billing
  • Relief
  • Post-op pain coding rules
  • Overpayment & refund mgt
  • Proper primary/secondary/tertiary claim processing
  • ICD-10 code sets
At SupportMed, we help anesthesia practitioners understand how to effectively balance proper and needed compliance with the right strategies for internal administration. Our health care compliance approach minimizes risk while providing data safeguards and practical policies & administration to our clients.