11/29/18 – Billing for epidural blood patch with labor and delivery

Question: How do I code an epidural blood patch procedure on the same day as labor and delivery? Should I include a modifier?

Answer:  Epidural blood patches are administered to stop a spinal fluid leak that a spinal needle may have caused. The provider injects some of the patient’s own blood to seal the leak and relieve pain.


Administering a blood patch on the same day as labor and delivery is unusual because most physicians try to manage spinal headaches conservatively before turning to an invasive treatment. Before coding the blood patch procedure, consider the following scenerios:


  • Ensure that what you call a blood patch wasn’t simply injecting blood through the epidural catheter before removing it after labor and delivery. If this is the case, you shouldn’t bill the injection separately.


  • If the epidural catheter was removed after the delivery, and determined later that day to administer an epidural blood patch, you can report it. Submit with code 62273 and include documentation of why the procedure was necessary. No modifier is necessary when billing for 62273.

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