09/27/17 – Ultrasound Guidance for A-lines and CVP lines

Question: What is the appropriate code to use when ultrasound guidance is used for an A-line or CVP line?


The code used for ultrasound guidance with a CVP line is 76937. Ultrasound guidance for vascular access requiring ultrasound evaluation of potential access sites, documentation of selected vessel patency, concurrent real-time ultrasound visualization of vascular needle entry, with permanent recording and reporting.

The code used for ultrasound guidance with an Arterial line is 76942.  Ultrasound guidance for needle placement (e.g. Biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization device), imaging supervision and interpretation.

If an arterial line and CVP line are both provided with ultrasound guidance, both the 76937 and 76942 could be billed.

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