01/27/2015 – Changes to PQRS measures for 2015

Question: Did Medicare make any changes to the PQRS measures for 2015?


Answer:Yes, for 2015, Medicare has made a few changes to the measures.  Please see below:


Perioperative Temperature Management Measure # 193


Code 4256F (case time < 60 minutes) has been deleted.  Instead, you will now report codes 4250F-1P/G9363 for cases that are < 60 minutes regardless of mode.

Code set 4250F-1P/4255F (not done for medical reasons, case > 60 minutes) have been deleted.  Instead, you will now use 4250F-1P/G9362 to report cases where active warming was not used due to type of anesthesia (MAC or peripheral nerve block) for a case that was > 60 minutes.


Prophylactic Antibiotic Measure # 30


This measure has been retired for 2015 and will no longer be reported on.


Until all billing slips are updated, SupportMed will change the codes as needed to reflect the new codes for 2015.


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